David M. Bernstein, Ph.D.
Conflict Management & Mediation









Dr. Bernstein has accumulated a significant amount of experience in mediation with individuals, groups and governmental organizations.


Experience includes:


  • Dr. Bernstein's experience combines the perspectives of business, psychology and conflict management. He excels at helping people solve problems, resolve conflict and improve communication.

  • During 15 years as a consultant, he has worked with pharmaceutical and chemical companies worldwide and individuals to enable them to find solutions to their management, legal and scientific problems

  • During this time, he has also served as a facilitator in successfully working out complex issues for governmental organizations such as the European commission, US FDA and EPA.

  • As managing director of RCC Geneva, he interacted with a broad spectrum of clients and manage a staff of 50 people.

  • He has published more than 70 scientific publications, has prepared numerous articles and reports and has been invited to give numerous lecturers.